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Christine Gaucher

Tanya Kirova is an Executive Director of FBN-Bulgaria since February 2019. 

She has been for the last few years a Marketing consultant of small and medium-sized enterprises, helping the businesses to build strong brand identity, reach new customers and achieve noticeable results in terms of recognition and profit. She has also been a Marketing and Sales Director of BDZ Passengers (the Bulgarian state-owned company for public railway transportation), a Marketing Manager of the retail chain of stores Office 1 Superstore, Star Motors (Mazda-Bulgaria) and the software publisher bluevizia and a PR Manager of the media group SBS Broadcasting Bulgaria (part of ProsiebenSat.1). 

Tanya holds a degree in Marketing studies. She speaks English and Russian and has basic knowledge of French. 

Tanya volunteers for the animal welfare cause and follows her family tradition in horse riding and horse care. 

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