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How to keep your inner fire burning! 

14:00 - 15:30
Room: Michelango


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The art of living is invariably being resilient and energetic in life. After all, the winds in your life can change suddenly. Dealing with these changes without losing your balance, that's life!  

To be avoided is a state of mere survival. Survival is strongly fueled by willpower which is doable for a limited period of time but not sustainable in the long run. If survival becomes structural or permanent, some areas of live will suffer. Your mood. Your communication. Your pleasure. Your patience. Your relationship(s)… and many more. 

During this session the speaker will explore with the participants: 

  • How do you prevent a continued state of survival 

  • How to become more resilient 

  • How to keep your energy reserves above a certain minimum, in the case of emergency 


Peter will elaborate how this is done by delving into the 10 energizers* at an early stage. How can each one shape these 10 energizers and what suits a particular person? Ultimately this balance is custom made. Participants will find out on which fronts they are already doing really well, where there is potential to be developed, and how to safeguard new habits that do nourish an individual.  

If you want to know more about this, join Peter Kuijper, initiator of Mind&Health Netherlands 

for this deep dive session. You will return home with the first steps of your own personal life plan… 


*) The 10 energizers are: sleeping, nutrition, exercise, humor, passion, relaxation, social contacts, home, work life and purpose of life… 

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