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Demystifying the family office:  

What NxG needs to know to successfully navigate this emerging field 


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14:00 - 15:30
Room: Da Vinci 2

The concept of a Family Office has gained momentum in recent years, in the light of a massive wealth transfer between generations and the increasing complexity of the family-ownership-business ecosystem. The increased wealth in family businesses in Asia is also fueling this growth. If done right, the Family Office can play a critical role in ensuring sustainable business growth as well as preserving wealth and unity of the family. The NxG can play a vital role in shaping the future direction of the Family Office. But to do that it’s important that the NxG is adequately informed and empowered. 


In this workshop participants will be invited by the speaker to demystify the family office, talk about emerging trends in the field, discuss the role of the family office in family business model transformation, entrepreneurial investing as well as impact and ESG. 


The session is designed for all NxGs & NowGen whose families either already have a family office, aspire to create one in the near future and everybody who simply wants to learn more about this exciting subject. 

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