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NxG Entrepreneurship : disrupting the legacy to save it 



14:00 - 15:30
Room: Da Vinci 1

The entrepreneurial spirit is an important ingredient of any family business story. The fire burning inside the founder is the starting point for any new venture. They used to say if [as a business] you’re not growing you’re dying, but today if you’re not innovating you’re dying!  

For innovation to occur, new ways of thinking are needed and the pressure to be equally successful as the previous generation often weighs heavily on the young generation. Staying innovative in our fast-moving times is more important than ever and it is often the young generation that has the best grasp on new developments and technologies. It is therefore the battle between legacy and innovation that many entrepreneurs from a family business background must manage. 
In this session Hristo Hristov, 2nd generation from Bulgaria and Mehrad Jaberansari will be discussing these topics with each other and the audience. This session is for everyone who is interested in entrepreneurial topics and how to find your own way while also contributing to the renewal of the family business. 

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