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Peter Kuijper

Until the age of 39 Peter Kuijper was a person who looked for all his happiness on the outside of his person: hard work, being successful, material prosperity... he then realized that he could not maintain a life fueled by these external factors.  

Over the course of the next years, he worked on the development of a different vision of life for himself but also for others around him. This vision is at the basis for Mind&Health which was founded in 2013 to help people, teams and entire organisations become the better version of themselves. 


He has been a recurring speaker and facilitator to many FBNed (FBN Netherlands) events giving him a solid knowledge of the particularities that a life with the family business entails for young generation members.  


Peter was born as the 4th child of 6 children in 1965 in the Netherlands. He is married to his wife Angelika and continues to live in the Netherlands. 

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