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About the summit

You'll find people who
  • Are ready for new experiences and surprises

  • Love learning from experts and peers

  • Want to expand their networks 

  • Like to travel and get to live diverse cultures

  • Work hard and play hard! 


Twenty years ago, at FBN 13th Global Summit in Helsinki, a small group of NxGs from various countries stood up to have a NxGs-only space. As described by one of our members:


All too soon, FBN conference was over and we found ourselves sitting next to our parents… But we next generation members couldn't stop getting together during breaks and dinners….The networking was the most valuable part of the conference. It turned out we all had similar life situations; we told the same stories about deciding whether or not to join the family business. We discovered that we, 'the children', need to be able to discuss and share our ideas, thoughts and experiences of being family business members, without having our parents present" Michael Carlander, NxG Sweden 

FBN Internacional
Previous events highlights
The experience

Over the past 15 years, the NxG International Summit has brought participants to places they thought they would never go geographically, emotionally, and mentally

In the spirit of the NxG Communities’ mission: “Happier families and sustainable businesses through an aware and inspired Next Generation.” 


With this vision, FBN-I targets not only NxGs but also their families. The NxG International Summit is a safe space for parents to send future generations in order to gain the level of self-confidence, awareness and happiness required to become engaged and responsible future owners. 

Our code of conduct

Trust and Openness
The Network is founded on the principles of open communication and trust

Active participation by members is the vital ingredient that makes the Network valuable

Members are committed to sharing experiences and insights in an atmosphere of confidentiality

Respect & Professionalism
Discussions and debates are always conducted in a respectful and professional manner

The Network is not a place to sell products or services to other members. It is a forum to learn from the exchange of ideas, experiences and information

Appropriate behaviour
Appropriate behaviour is expected at all times. To report bad conduct, please email

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