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Together we stand strong:
NxGs nurturing the family business fire

FBN is best described by its credo “By families, for families, across generations”. This encapsulates the very essence of FBN; that at the heart of our network, we often find what we need from fellow FBN members, regardless of their geography, profession, or how many generations were active in business before them. Effectively, our common background as members of business families provides a unique trust & understanding that can be truly empowering.

Accordingly, “United we Stand Strong” is the motto chosen by Bulgaria for the country’s 2018 presidency of the Council of the European Union. It describes what Bulgarians truly believe: that standing united together is the source of our true strength. This inspiration from our hosts this year combined with FBN’s credo builds the foundation for the experience that will be offered to participants of the 16th NxG Summit in the early summer of 2022. That remains true even after the trying times we have all experienced lately. It is more important than ever to find strength in this time transitions we all live in. The NxGs can be recognized as a strong community at every FBN event and during COVID times also online. The internationally active community keeps growing from year to year and the ties that connect the individual members to each other make FBN more than just a network. The NxG Community is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the lasting impressions and friendships it has inspired in the two decades of its existence. The power of our fire comes from within and grows as we share it with others. We've seen it burn low but never disappear. Now it burns stronger than ever, and we celebrate a resilient fire that has given us hope of a thriving future.

During this year’s summit we will explore which roles the NxGs play in order nurturing the fire of entrepreneurship and innovation within their families and family businesses as well as within the NxG community.

So come and celebrate with us in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria - in June 2022 if you want to discover, reconnect and shape the vibrant and truly international FBN NxG community

Our theme
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Program at a glance
Pre Summit experience

Number of participants per learning journey is limited - first come first served! 

~ 30 seats per Learning Journey

Kings Road


Join us on an unforgettable journey following the footsteps of the great Bulgarian kings who came from the Far East and founded a country which is now 1340 years old and never changed its name.  

You will visit family businesses of various industries – from agricultural and wine production to hotels, hospitality and yachts to one of the biggest producers of appliances in the world.  


Welcome to an inspiring journey through the magnificent nature and artisan traditions of the Balkan mountain region. During our trip, we are going to visit family businesses in key industries from various places and will get familiar with the farmer’s job in Bulgaria.


Join us for a memorable experience in the land, preferred by generations of Bulgarian rulers for its healing mineral water and climate. Feel the spirit of charming and unique churches, which are part of the UNESCO heritage. Blend in the mysticism of the home and sanctuary of Vanga - one of the prominent oracles in Eastern Europe. Admire the beauty of Bulgarian mountains and the Pirin National Park. Meet progressive people with successful business in Bulgaria. Enjoy the local food, wine and traditions. Be part of the Spiritual Journey! 

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Learing Journeys
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