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Tetiana Tadai was born in 1999 in Donetsk. With mother from Eastern Ukraine and father from Western, the family has been gathered in Kyiv.

Tetiana graduated from the National University ‚Kyiv-Mohyla academy’ with a bachelor degree. She started to work on the second year of studying, combining work with strict university rules. 

The decision to start working in a young age was made in order to get more different experience before entering the family business. Agromat is the largest distributor of tiles and plumbing in Ukraine. 

However, Tetiana is still not ready to enter family business because of the complicatedness of the company structure. Nevertheless, Tetiana has started her own business. With a partner she has opened a podcast studio, which is quite successfully working with big Ukrainian companies and the Government. 

Tetiana is one of 6 kids in the 2nd generation. Tadai family has not only built a strong business, but also has invested in family traditions and unity.

Since 2014 Tadai family and Agromat company has been supporting UA defenders and fled families. Due to enormous losses in business in 2014 Tadai family started to diversify risks and invest in start-ups.

Since 2008, she is the executive director of Hevimar´s Family Office and co-chairman of Varadero company, the holding of the family group. Since 1960, Varadero is a Spanish family business group, active in real estate , promotion and financial investments, their principal activity came from warehouse construction.  

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