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Mariya Kogan

Mariya was born in 1988 in a family of poor engineers. As it was collapse of the USSR, father had to work as a photographer at night to earn some additional money to feed family. Than he opened his first restaurant as a companion of his best friend.  In 1997, after funny accident with dropped coffee on the white costume in the plane, he opened his first dry clean factory in Odessa. Now it’s the biggest network all over Ukraine.


Mariya started working in family business since the 4th course of university (accountance and management) as a linear employeer ( sales manager, than quality controller, than administrator, and slowly growed up to career ladder to financial director and than operational director of Odessa’s brunch). Being at all stages helps her to know all aspects of work, to get a trust of employeers, and to be effective manager.


Since December 2021 Maria is a CEO of whole network, but due to war, started operation activity again. Maria’s family is a part of FBN Ukraine for only 1,5 years, but she was a speaker twice at nextgens Discussions, and was a Host of Fbn Ukraine in December.


Maria has a 5 year old daughter, but it does not interfere being a part of different activities besides the business, such as dancing Argentinian tango and organizing workshops of Argentinian maestros and international tango festival in Ukraine, or volunteering for Ukraine as for nowadays.


Since 2008, she is the executive director of Hevimar´s Family Office and co-chairman of Varadero company, the holding of the family group. Since 1960, Varadero is a Spanish family business group, active in real estate , promotion and financial investments, their principal activity came from warehouse construction.  

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