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Today and beyond: Challenging the status quo for future success



11:15 - 12:45
Room: Da Vinci 1

This session will build on the findings of the PwC’s Global NextGen Survey 2022  conducted in collaboration with FBN. In the results we are looking at the three dynamics of family business – Family Cohesion, Business Growth and Wealth Preservation and the role NextGens can play in order to succeed in the future. 


It has never been easy to nurture the Family Business fire across generations, especially in these extraordinary times of global challenges, transformation and rapid change. It is very clear that challenging the status quo, reinventing your business model and renewing the generational contract with the incumbent generation has never been more important and needed. 


Together with a Bulgarian NextGen, Hristo Hristov, who went through a remarkable personal journey and is leading the family business today, we will share transferrable insights, new perspectives, tools and good practices that can be applied in the family business in order to turn the NXG fire into lasting success.  


Participants will be given the opportunity to ponder the following topics: what can be my role? How to prepare and prove myself as a potential future shareholder, board member or leader of your family business? How to deal with resistance to change, starting the dialog within the family and what can be learned and adapted from peers? 

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