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Financial Beers


17:00 - 19:00
Room: Coffee break area

The financial peers are a community of FBN members from across all generations. The community was born during the Covid-Crisis where FBN members met online to exchange on the personal experiences and to keep each other updated on what was happening around the world and especially how business and the financial markets were impacted. It allowed participants to gain real insights into thoughts and reflections of other family business members and gain perspective without the influence of the media and its spin on things. These exchanges were always in the spirit of the safe space and have led to connections being forged across the globe despite the need to stay at home. One tradition started following these exchange sessions were the so called “financial beers” where a more informal exchange could take place after the session. At the summit we want to continue this tradition and the initiator of the financial peers Clara Villoslada would love to welcome you for an informal exchange around a nice cold drink and conversations about business and markets. Cheers!  

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