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Being CEO of a company at only 28 year old, an Olympic athlete at 26, traveling the world since 14, made Clara's mind open to the world and to any culture. Clara studied Journalism at the University of Navarra  and  Business Administration at the Complutense University-Madrid. Clara defines herself as a soul that loves to learn, she was educated on two bases: the impossibility is something you create in your mind, and love is the best weapon to fight.  
Since 2008, she is the executive director of Hevimar´s Family Office and co-chairman of Varadero company, the holding of the family group. Since 1960, Varadero is a Spanish family business group, active in real estate , promotion and financial investments, their principal activity came from warehouse construction.  
A pioneer in her country for being the first woman to compete in the snowboarding Olympics in 2006, some of her results: top 10 world ranking, 3º place in European final and champion of spain in several disciplines. She was a pioneer in the extreme-sports communication industry where she developed media and consultancy for different enterprises.  
Since 2014 she is partner of Surfer Rule Media Group, that for 30 years is leader in spanish board sports media. The media was transformed into surfer rule by HAPPICIDAD: the first media created as a social enterprise around board sports. Its missions: give visibility and scalability to: initiatives that try to preserve nature and oceans, collectives that promote sports practice, initiatives that innovate in any field around sports and give vision to all the NGOs around this sports and the sea.  

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