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Questions to ask to nurture the family business fire 

11:15 - 12:45
Room: Da Vinci 2



Next Generation Members who want to build their legacy need to ask the right questions. Three main questions highly important to NxGs will be interactively explored in this session:  

  1. Do I deserve the business and/or wealth I will inherit?  

  2. Do I want to assume active ownership responsibilities for our family business?  

  3. Why do many next generation members fail to succeed with the family business?  


During this workshop NxGs will work in groups, discuss, and present their take-aways which then will be discussed with all workshop participants.  

NowGens are highly welcome to complement the session with their own experience. This workshop serves as a starting point for an open discussion within and between generations in order to nurture the family business fire.  

The session will be facilitated by the authors of “Enabling Next Generation Legacies – 35 questions that next generation members in enterprising families ask”. 

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